Model/Blogger Styles

Scott Timlin (Scotty T)

British reality television personality who rose to fame as a cast member in the reality series, Geordie Shore.

Christian Oliveras

Christian Oliveras is clinically known for his comical acts on Instagram.

Sean Pratt

Sean Pratt is a British Model & is also known for appearing on MTV's Ex On The Beach.

Amadeo Leandro

Actor & model...

Kayleigh Morris

Reality TV star

Pascal Duvier

Bodyguard to Kim Kardashian, Fergie & Kendel Jenner

Nicole Bass

The Only Way is Essex star & British Model.

Kady McDermott

Kady McDermott's stared on MTV's reality tv show Love Island.

Sophie Kasaie

Sophie Kasaie stars in MTV reality tv show Geordie Shore.

Kyle Devolle

Rita Oras personal celebrity stylist.

Maja Šuput

Croatian Singer

Terry Walsh

British TV Reality star of ITV Love Island & Model.

Thomas Powell

Thomas Powell is a model and Gym fanatic. Tom Recently appeared on Love Island.

Chet Johnson

Chet Johnson is a Model and reality tv star of MTV's ex on the beach.

John Clarke

John Clarke stared on the Itv2 Love Island reality tv show in 2015, finishing 2nd.

Jessica Hayes

Jessica Hayes is a British reality tv star who stared in ITV2's Love Island 2015.

Sam Griffin

Sam Griffin is a British model & widely known for appearing in Big Brother show in 2016.

Flamur Ukshini

Flamur Ukshini Is a UK British model.

Ash Defty

Ash Defty is a fashion blogger & Model who also appeared on EX On The Beach.

Carl Carnard

Celebrity fashion blogger.

Tia Lineker

Tia Lineker is a fashion blogger & Model.

Adam Jukes

Adam Jukes appeared on UK series Love Island & is a model.

Josh Ritchie

Josh Ritchie appeared on Love Island 2015.

Brandon Myers

Brandon Myers is British Model & recently stared in Ex On The Beach.

Nicola Tameriantyas

Nicola Tameriantyas is a UK model.

Kyle Beaumont

Kyle Beaumont is a UK model.

Lacey Montgomery

Lacey Montgomery is a UK model.

Ross Worswick

Ross Worswick is best known for Ex on the Beach series 1 and 6 and is also a UK based model.