All Infinity Bracelets of London bracelets are made with the highest quality gold/platinum plating (or solid gold), using the latest techniques to ensure you’re bracelet is of the highest standard. To keep your bracelet(s) looking pristine for as long as possible, follow these 5, simple, steps…

  1. Avoid contact with chemicals, water and sweat: Jewellery and precious metals can become discoloured or eroded when in contact with harsh chemicals or exposed to sweat long term. In particular it’s advised that you take off your bracelets when: applying cosmetics or using aerosols (things like deodorants, hairspray or even certain aftershaves), swimming (due to chlorine), or when exercising. Try to avoid getting beaded bracelets wet as this can weaken the string/elastic
  2. Wipe clean regularly Never use abrasives to clean your jewellery – it’s always best to use a soft, dry, lint free cloth to gently rub the surface of the jewellery down with.
  3. Take your bracelet(s) off before bed: This especially applies to intricate designs that can catch easily. We advise keeping all items of jewellery stored separately in cloth pouches, and laying them flat to avoid stretching.

Here at Infinity bracelets of London, we belief that the secret in happiness is helping others.
There is a Chinese saying that goes: “If you want happiness for an hour, take a nap. If you want happiness for a day, go fishing. If you want happiness for a year, inherit a fortune.
If you want happiness for a lifetime, help somebody”.

Having seen the outstanding work from all at the Great Ormond Street Hospital, we’ve decided to contribute to their fantastic cause.

To help us prevent the suffering of young children, any contributions would be warmly welcomed.

You can donate by texting INFI50 to 70070 or via our just giving page www.justgiving.com/youngbattlers

I Mr L.Haines, the CEO of Infinity Bracelets of London have dedicated the last 9 years to the jewellery industry. I have always had a big passion for gold & silver in all aspects of jewellery. In putting my name to Infinity Bracelets of London, I and my colleagues make sure the work is carried out to the best of our abilities in which we guarantee some of the best bracelets on the jewellery fashion market today.

Infinity Bracelets of London is a British luxury jewellery range specializing in bespoke, contemporary pieces which can be worn at any occasion, by anyone. As a brand, Infinity Bracelets of London continues to push the boundaries in menswear jewellery, introducing a bracelet range which will perpetually mirror the current trends in fashion.

I designed the original Infinity bangle in 2014 which then inspired me to make the gold plated bangle a reality. All other designs are unique and diverse in both their versatility, individuality and style; suitable for both male and female fashionista. Infinity Bracelets of London offers an exclusive design which most other ranges do not. We advise you to know Jewellery is not only a fashion item, it is an item of art. Hand crafted with professional skill in the procedure this involves mass of time and precision. Gold and silver are a naturally sourced element, sold widely around the world which as you may know should always be handled with care.

Infinity Bracelets of London, founded his base in London’s famous jewellery district, Hatton Garden, is a company which prides itself on its diverse celebrity fan base. With a reputation for style, luxury and innovative designs Infinity Bracelet of London will reproduce and reinterpret the latest jewellery movements.

Each piece is exquisitely handmade, subsequently each bracelet is individual and exclusive. The pieces challenge contemporary ideals of men’s jewellery, teaming designs with high-end watches to invent creations which exudes luxury, elegance and sophistication. All the high end watches you see on our page are our own or from a customer of Infinity Bracelets of London. We try to use only the best watches ie: Rolex, Patek Phillipe or Hublot ect.. To assure high quality wrist shots as we take much pride in all images we share with the public.

Infinity Bracelets of London aim to dominate the world of jewellery. We also ensure that luxury and style are elements which are accessible to everyone. Our bracelets are worn by fashionistas and celebrities around the world. We have bracelets for everyone whether it’s a skull bead bracelet or a leopards head, a ball-ball or a rope bracelet, Infinity Bracelets of London range grows bigger and better with each design.

We Infinity Bracelets of London offer both end of the spectrum of the market for pricing on high quality Bracelets. We accommodate the lower end market with our unique gold plated range, making it affordable for everyone.

We are all always expanding and striving our self’s to the best of our abilities to make new designs and to ensure we have the latest and unique designs for all you fashionistas and trend setters out there. All our gold plating products are individually handmade allowing 100% direct care and attention assured for the upmost best quality always.

The Infinity Bracelets of London jewellery line was started as a hobby due to the love and passion I have for jewellery. My team and I have built upon this to share our love and design for jewellery and for people all over the world.

Our goal is to ensure we create and deliver the best quality Bracelets on the market affordable for everyone, with a high end touch of class to bring the best of elegancy in us.

With over 100 unique designs and styles in the name of Infinity we spread our design throughout the whole spectrum ensuring we have a Bracelet style for everyone’s need. Our Bracelets make great gifts in being a birthday, valentines, Christmas or any other special occasion, even items to be kept for memorable moments such as weddings & engagements.

We have a variety of stockiest in London UK such as Essex, Birmingham, Sheffield and even to as far as the USA in New York and Los Angeles with our brand growing quickly, spreading worldwide. Our aim for 2018 is to be hosting pop up stores around the whole of the UK selling and showing of our collections.

We offer bespoke items such as Diamond or Swarovski stone Bracelets with different shapes and /or sizes, colours we have are emeralds, sapphires, cubic zirconia with a choice of 18 carat gold or 925 sterling silver, stainless steel or gold plated.

As Infinity Bracelets of London grows we shall indulge in all aspects of jewellery such as Necklaces, rings an earrings, this we are hoping to launch end 2017, beginning of 2018.

THE GREAT ORMOND STREET HOSPITAL for young suffering innocent children. If you would be so kind and find the time in your heart to reach out and text INFI50 TO this number 70070 or click online to donate it would mean a lot and help massively www.justgiving.com/youngbattlers

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